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School Bell Software and Overhead Paging for Uplift Education

Posted by Allie McGuire on Tue, Jun 05, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

UpliftUplift Education uses InformaCast for overhead paging in their school as well as for
scheduling and maintaining their school bell system.

Singlewire Software, developer of innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification, emergency communication, and overhead paging, today announced the release and publication of the case study, “Uplift Education: Flexible and Scalable Overhead Paging and Bell Scheduling.”

The case study features Uplift Education, a network of 20 high-performing, public charter schools throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. The schools that form Uplift Education use Singlewire InformaCast along with their Cisco phone system to send IP overhead paging messages and manage their school bell systems.


school overhead paging

Brad Parkel, director of marketing at Singlewire states, “Uplift Education is a great example of how a school district was able to save money and solve several notification challenges with one very simple solution.”

In the locations within a school where there weren’t any phones, like hallways, the auditorium, and the gymnasium, Uplift added IP speakers, which could be plugged directly into the IP data network versus implementing a completely separate and redundant analog overhead paging system.

Read the case study -

Singlewire InformaCast is a full-featured, network-based, mass notification, emergency communication, and overhead paging system that allows users to simultaneously send an audio and/or text message to a variety of endpoints including IP speakers, Cisco IP phones, overhead paging systems, computer desktops, digital signage, SMS text, social media sites, and more. Singlewire InformaCast can be purchased through registered partners of Singlewire Software.

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