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ASIS 2016 Features the Latest Security Offerings

Enhance Employee Safety

From September 12-16, Singlewire Software will be in Orlando exhibiting at ASIS 2016. This year’s seminar and exhibition will bring together 20,000 security professionals from around the world to share innovations and ideas related to the data protection and infrastructure, loss prevention, cybersecurity and employee safety.

If you’re attending, be sure to download the official mobile app. This will help you stay organized by having all the information you need at your fingertips, and the ability to build your own schedule to make sure you don’t miss any events. It also offers an easy means to download materials from presenters, so you can bring what you learn back to your organization.

Speakers, Exhibits and More

With hundreds of sessions available, attendees can learn from experts who are sharing their knowledge to help improve safety and security. There are a wide range of topics available. Plan your conference schedule by reviewing the complete sessions’ list.

The conference draws attendees from all over the country and there are numerous opportunities to meet others and learn from their experiences. Luncheons, a golf outing and evening activities will be held throughout the show. Read the full schedule of networking events to learn more.

The exhibition hall features hundreds of products, services and professionals sharing the latest strategies and tools for safety and security. Review the exhibitor list before you head to Orlando to plan your stops. 

Check out the official ASIS 2016 website to see the full list of events.  

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Healthcare Facility Simplifies Paging with InformaCast

Keep Key Personnel Informed

Safety and security is important for any organization, but InformaCast customers use our mass notification software to keep personnel informed about all kinds of events. Aspirus in northern Wisconsin deploys InformaCast across its facilities to standardize paging procedures. This has led to faster response times since staff only need to press a button on their Cisco phones to initiate a message.

Download the case study 

At Aspirus, InformaCast is used for Critical Code Blue paging. The staff at Aspirus is sensitive to the stress families endure when loved ones go in for surgery. Under the previous paging system, messages were heard throughout the whole hospital. But with InformaCast, staff can be more selective about where the message is heard. That means medical personnel are informed without causing unneeded stress for families. 

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Wahsega Labs' InformaCast-Enabled Speakers Aid Tampa Bay Schools

Singlewire Partner Helps K-12 Schools

Over the summer, schools in Tampa Bay reassessed their speaker and zone controller needs and installed Wahsega Labs’ Two-Classroom 2x2 Ceiling Speaker. These cost-effective speakers integrate with InformaCast to provide a secure learning environment.

The Two-Classroom 2x2 Ceiling Speaker features a two-way intercom with the ability to broadcast emergency alerts and control door locks from InformaCast. One Power-over-Ethernet run supports Wahsega speakers in two separate classrooms, conserving equipment and labor costs while reducing the amount of equipment to manage.

Wahsega Labs Wins 2016 Commercial Integrator BEST Award

Simple configuration through the InformaCast server enabled immediate access to broadcast announcements. Multiple safety and audio features are also available, including InformaCast and SIP dual registration, integrated microphone, door lock relays for classroom safety, sound reinforcement, and advanced panic button functionality.

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K-12 Emergency Notification Systems for the New School Year

Prepare for Back to School

While parents are getting supplies to prepare their students for the new school year, administrators and school security officers are making sure they have everything in place to provide a safe learning environment. Part of that process involves adding and testing technology that can reach everyone during an emergency.

Emergency notification systems offer schools a means to send critical information to everyone who needs it for events like active shooters and severe weather. Advanced systems can tie into legacy paging systems and security features, such as door locks, to help leverage existing technology and offer additional opportunities to increase security at schools.

Before the new school year, there are several steps school officials should take to assess their emergency notification capabilities.

Learn about emergency notification for K-12 schools

Standardize Procedures to Save Time

Review what kind of procedures are currently in place and identify areas that can be improved or expanded. Know what kind of events constitute sending notifications to key personnel and how those notifications will be sent. Some scenarios may only require a select group to be notified, while others may call for everyone to be alerted of the situation. Standardizing these practices before the school year begins can save time when an actual event occurs.

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Learn from the Best at Campus Safety West

Protect Your Most Important Assets

We’re heading to sunny California for Campus Safety West, August 9-10. We’ll be rubbing shoulders with administrators, public safety officials, and security and law enforcement executives from all over the country discussing solutions for campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges.

Attendees will hear from leading safety and security experts, develop strategies and tactics to reduce risk and improve response and learn first-hand about best practices and procedures for emergency response. The goal is for attendees to leave with the skills and resources needed to manage emergency situations, protect students and staff and prevent crises.

Take Home New Strategies

Campus Safety West offers a terrific opportunity to learn from the best, and the timing couldn’t be better. With the new school year right around the corner, attendees can take what they learn and implement it on their campus. The conference offers training sessions, expert speakers, sessions and hot topic discussions. It’s also a chance to network with other safety leaders to understand the challenges they encounter and how they overcome them.

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Newburgh, NY Utilizes InformaCast to Prevent and Reduce Crime

Image courtesy of State Tech Magazine

InformaCast has been helping government personnel keep people safe since its inception. From national government agencies to smaller local government buildings, emergency notifications from InformaCast help share critical information during potentially dangerous situations. The city of Newburgh, NY deployed InformaCast in its City Hall, and State Tech Magazine highlighted their efforts in a recent article.

Learn more about InformaCast for government

The following passage was originally published as part of larger piece in State Tech Magazine on July 14, 2016.

With the Cisco UC system deployed, Newburgh’s IT team will now add Singlewire Software’s InformaCast IP paging and emergency notification features. The fire, public works and water departments are already using it; the police department and the city’s other first responders are next.

The software allows city officials to preprogram specific alerts — or send new messages on the fly — through their IP phones or computers. For example, the fire department has deployed an overhead paging system that enables fire officials to pick up a phone and broadcast announcements to every phone at headquarters, Kurcon says.

By the end of the summer, the IT department plans to preprogram specific alerts on speed dial. With the city’s previous system, the alarm company provided no details to police other than the fact that an employee pressed the silent alarm. The new system can provide greater event details, including the specifics of what’s happening as well as location information.

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Protect Visitors with Easy Emergency Notification Opt-In

Visitor Notification from InformaCast

It’s important to protect the people that come to your facility everyday, but what if you could extend those security solutions to cover visitors?

Emergency notification for visitors from InformaCast allows administrators to create campaigns for individuals temporarily visiting their facilities, even if they do not have the InformaCast Mobile app. Visitors can register to receive notifications using a web browser or by texting a hashtag to a phone number (e.g. text #visitoralerts to XXX-XXX-XXXX). This makes it easy for people to sign up and stay informed while they’re visiting.

Apply to Any Industry

Regardless of what field you work in, InformaCast visitor notification is a powerful tool to enhance safety. It can be deployed across a variety of environments to protect and inform those who otherwise might not have access to critical information.

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Singlewire Partner Wahsega Labs Wins 2016 Commercial Integrator BEST Award

Speaker Enhances Safety

Singlewire partner Wahsega Labs was recognized by Commercial Integrator magazine for its 2x2 Ceiling Speaker in the 2016 BEST Awards in the Telecom Infrastructure and Intercoms category. The drop-in ceiling tile speaker supports dual registration with InformaCast and SIP, utilizes Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and includes classroom sound reinforcement functionality.  

This low-cost speaker functions as a two-way SIP intercom and receives broadcasts from Singlewire’s InformaCast Advanced Notification System. The InformaCast system automatically recognizes and registers the speaker, making commissioning quick and efficient.

This speaker also has the ability to drive a second, lower-cost Wahsega speaker via Cat5e or Cat6 cable, dramatically lowering installation costs on a per-classroom basis. The second classroom speaker independently performs all of the same functions as the first, and is powered by the main speaker, reducing wire home runs by half.

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NEWS: InformaCast Mobile Adds Location-Based Emergency Notifications

Select GPS-based areas of interest and boundary triggers

Singlewire Software, a leading mass notification service provider, releases location-based emergency notifications for InformaCast Mobile. The mobile app and web interface will now offer users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

“InformaCast Mobile continues to provide users with the latest innovations for emergency notification,” said Tim Green, vice president of software development for Singlewire Software. “These new features provide our users with a greater ability to monitor and share critical information.”

InformaCast Mobile users can select up to three static addresses. If an alert is sent to an area of interest that encompasses one or more of those addresses, the user will receive the alert.

Boundary triggers send notifications to users who have entered or left a particular area. In addition, InformaCast Mobile can send messages to anyone using the app within that area.

Learn how to use these new features in your industry

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Use Location-Based Notifications in InformaCast Mobile

Latest Update Offers New Location-Based Features

The latest update for InformaCast Mobile includes location-based emergency notifications for InformaCast Mobile. The mobile app and web interface will now offer users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

InformaCast Mobile users can select up to three static addresses. If an alert is sent to an area of interest that encompasses one or more of those addresses, the user will receive the alert.

Boundary triggers send notifications to users who have entered or left a particular area. In addition, InformaCast Mobile can send messages to anyone using the app within that area.

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