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8 Tips to Enhance Communication and Connectivity in Healthcare [INFOGRAPHIC]


Providing Excellent Patient Care

In healthcare, to provide excellent patient care, strong communication is key. But communication can often be unnecessarily complicated, and procedures are not always standardized. New technology offers new ways to reach people, but rarely works as seamlessly as it should.

This can prohibit efficient patient care. But bringing disparate systems together and creating uniform procedures throughout your organization can have a positive impact on communication. Our latest infographic provides eight tips for connecting systems and tools to enhance communication in your healthcare facilities.


Additional Resources 

Looking for more ways to enhance communication in your healthcare facility? Read our recent case study about a hospital in northern Wisconsin that used InformaCast and Cisco phones to simplify paging procedures and improve message reach.

Learn more about how InformaCast can work in healthcare and watch videos to see how it can be leveraged at

You can also download our white paper on how to develop clear communication strategies that help manage emergency situations.

Emergency Notification Checklist for Government

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