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Ouachita Baptist University Sends Notification with InformaCast

While students at Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) were registering for classes on August 24, 2010, administration received information about an armed robbery suspect approaching their campus. The approximately 1,500 students were notified of the situation and a lockdown of the Arkadelphia, AR campus was accomplished through text and audio messages sent with OBU’s Emergency Notification System, supported by Singlewire’s InformaCast application.

The Vice President for Student Services at OBU activated their Emergency Notification System after a call from the local police explaining the situation. “Once [the Vice President for Student Services] understood the situation at hand, he was able to send the alert from his computer,” remarks Rob Crockett, Network Administrator at OBU.  “He was able to send an audible message with InformaCast. He was able to [send] text messages. He was able to change our webpage, and send emails to all students, faculty, and staff.”

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