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Christopher Columbus School Extends Overhead Paging with InformaCast

Students at Christopher Columbus High School stay informed with a mass notification system from Singlewire Software. Administrators at the private, college preparatory high school in Miami, FL use Singlewire’s InformaCast for bell scheduling and to make announcements to their approximately 1,400 students.

In 2007 Christopher Columbus High School owned both an analog two way paging system and a separate system for scheduling and maintaining their school bells. The paging system was starting to fail in some of the classrooms. The bell system had to be programmed manually by one of the few employees that understood how to use it.  In addition, every clock throughout the school had to be synchronized by hand, including the two times per year when the time changed due to daylight savings time.

school-bell-software-quote-1At that time the school was beginning work on a new technology center, and it was time to take a serious look at replacing the old system that was in place. “Since we were in the process of constructing the new Mas Technology Complex we decided to take a look at what would be best for the school as a whole at the time and in the future” explains Elena Alvarez, the Technology Director at Christopher Columbus High School.  They were looking for a system that would integrate all of their technology and make use of their existing Cisco phone system, as well as allow them to communicate efficiently throughout the school and across its multiple buildings.

In 2007, United Data Technologies introduced Christopher Columbus High School to InformaCast and Atlas Sound two-way IP Speakers with clocks. By that fall they had implemented a Singlewire solution to address the challenges of mass communication and clock synchronization throughout the school.  “Having a bell, clock, and paging system that works together is a necessity for the school, especially in an emergency,” notes Alvarez. “It was great to have the time synchronized in the computers, IP phones, and IP speakers.”

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