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School Bell System - Ring and Customize School Bells

With InformaCast you can customize your school bell system including the tones that are heard and the times and dates the bells ring. Learn more about this solution in the podcast below. 



So, we have the ability to take any tone that you would like, and we give you example tones through the software that you can play at specific times of the day. And, it could be that traditional school bell that you heard in the 1980's, that sounds is like someone rattling a bell. Or they could be steady tones.

They're wav files. You can create your own custom wav files. You can have people record their voice for passing bells. It's truly a question of what you want it to be. And, in schools, you know, the flexibility of being able to change bell tones based off of times of the day, is very easy to do. You could have your first bell be one tone.

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IP Speakers: How to Set the Volume

IP speakers give you the individual control over speaker through a web interface, including the ability to control the volume level of each message without having to adjust each individual speaker.




Power over ethernet IP speakers gives you the individual control over speaker through a web interface. The ability to log into the InformaCast application to be able to click a simple drop down, modify the volume, without actually having to go on site. So, in a traditional analog setting, what people would typically do is adjust the speaker volume, either at the individual speaker. They use these things called "tabs", that you can adjust that from the volume up or down or they have to do it at the amplifier level, which affects all the speakers in that zone.

So the ability to get individual volume control on an individual device is extremely important at that point.

So, just an example of this. So, for a school, you could actually set the volume levels for each classroom, if each classroom had an IP speaker in it. Exactly. And no longer does someone have to travel on site to make that change. And you can it has those changes remotely too with that individual user to have control for that.

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Patient Elopement: Treat the Root Causes of Wandering

This blog post is part of a series focusing on the issue of patient elopement and wander-risk residents in hospitals and healthcare facilities

patient wandering elopement system
Nursing staff should also use personalized strategies to address the underlying and specific causes of a given patient’s wandering habits. If possible, speak to the patient’s family members and previous caregivers to see if there are unique reasons that the patient wanders away.

Some dementia patients believe they are searching for loved ones, or that a reunion with a lost loved one is imminent; others believe that they still hold full-time jobs and must go to work or have a specific errand to run.

It is also fairly common for wandering patients to believe they are en route to perform previous responsibilities, such as caring for a child or other loved one, even if they have been free of that responsibility for many years. In other cases, the patient is simply frightened, confused, or restless and is seeking an environment with fewer stimuli.
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Cisco IP Paging System: When and How to Integrate with an Existing System

When is it a good time for an organization to think about making that transition to a Cisco IP Paging System? Listen to the podcast below to learn more about the options for implementing a Cisco IP paging solution in your organization.




When is it a good time for an organization to think about making that transition to IP Paging? You know if they have a bunch of buildings that have analog systems in place, can they upgrade in place now?

Yeah, so there's a few different ways to look at it. The right time, when you see the most cost savings, is when you're remodeling a facility, if you're constructing new facilities, IP speakers definitely fits into a cost savings model at that point.

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