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Does Your College Have a Social Media Crisis Management Plan?

College administrators have a unique challenge when it comes to communication. Unlike at grade schools, middle schools, and high schools, the staff and students you're trying to reach are often off-campus.

With the popularity of social media among college students, it is wise to have a social media crisis management plan to help communicate with people when they are on the go. Whether your crisis involves the safety of students or the reputation of your school, having a plan will help you respond quickly and efficiently. 

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Message Confirmation with InformaCast

Learn more about how you can receive a message confirmation when you send out an InformaCast notification to a group of people in your organization. Watch the video below to get started.



So with the new message confirmation and acknowledgement feature in InformaCast, you can now give people who receive InformaCast broadcasts the ability to communicate back with you. So up until now, InformaCast has been really push, right, one way communication with the confirmation and acknowledgement feature of the people who receive these broadcasts, they cannot communicate back with a person who sent the broadcast so two use cases here.

The first is, you've got a patient in room 300 who needs help, you can use InformaCast to send a broadcast to all the nurses who are on shift at that point in time, and you can ask them to respond to that InformaCast broadcast and say yep, I'll take care of that patient. When they respond, InformaCast is going to send a second message out to that same team to let them know, that situation has been cared for. So that's the workflow use case of InformaCast in confirmation and acknowledgement.

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InformaCast’s Best Advanced Features for K-12 Schools

Running a K-12 school poses its own unique set of concerns: keeping students and staff safe, ensuring day-to-day functions are organized and running smoothly, and fostering healthy and appropriate communication. InformaCast offers a solution to all of these concerns in one consolidated, powerful, and easy-to-use system. Here are some of InformaCast's best advanced features for K-12 schools:

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Don't Be Limited to One Type of Message - InformaCast Lets You Send Them All

describe the imageWhen you are sending a notification, the type of message you use is just as important as the message itself. Here’s an explanation of the four main types of messages and how each one applies to your notification needs:

  • Live: Live messages are great for everyday pages. Simply pick up the phone or hit the speaker button, select your recipients, and broadcast your message. The message goes out as you say it and is received immediately. Live messages are fast, simple, and effective for daily communication.
  • Ad Hoc: Ad hoc messages can be re-recorded if you mess up. This is critical, because it allows you to take time to consider and edit your message before you send it out. Erroneous information can be very dangerous given how connected people are. Prevent rumors with a little bit of editing.
  • Dynamic: Dynamic messages are good for an emergency that is in progress. A dynamic message includes up-to-date, specific, or changing information such as date, time, location, and weather advisories. Dynamic messages are often used in conjunction with pre-recorded messages to customize existing information.
  • Pre-Recorded: One of the most important things you can do to keep you and your people safe is prepare. Life is unpredictable, and we must expect the unexpected. Having a variety of pre-recorded emergency notifications can help save lives when time is of the essence. If you have InformaCast, when an emergency strikes, these messages can be triggered both automatically and via human intervention like pressing a panic/duress button.
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