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PODCAST: Singlewire InformaCast with IP Speakers from AND

Learn more about IP speaker endpoints in this podcast interview with Delora Senft from Advanced Network Devices.


I'm here talking with Delora Senft from Advanced Network Devices. Welcome Delora.

Thank you, Brad. AND is in partnership with Singlewire to provide IP speaker endpoints for notification with InformaCast. Delora, can you tell us a little bit about what types of IP-enabled speaker AND offers?

Yea, absolutely. So, we have three categories here at AND. We have outdoor speakers. We have an outdoor model that has a horn which allows for outdoor use. We have indoor models which include with and without display and then we have IP clocks, which are stainless steel format used for industrial front offices.

And then we have a category that we call legacy, which is our zone controller, which can be used with existing legacy speakers, so some schools find that very helpful.

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