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How are Manufacturing Organizations Using InformaCast?

Singlewire recently surveyed a cross section of our manufacturing customers to find out how they were using InformaCast in their organizations.

While almost all of those surveyed are using InformaCast for everyday phone paging and emergency notification, some are also using InformaCast for emergency call monitoring and alerting, as well as integration with manufacturing monitoring systems. 

Read about how Health and Safety Engineers are using the InformaCast Machine-to-Machine (M2M) plugin to integrate with monitoring systems and keep everybody in their facilities safe. 

We asked "How often do you use InformaCast for paging or notification in a given year?"emergency notification 50% of organizations reported using InformaCast more than 500 times a year, while 80% of organizations are using InformCast more than 100 times a year year. 

We also asked customers to share any interesting or important ways they are using InformaCast. Most reported that they are using InformaCast to improve emergency response times or send out weather notifications. One company reported that they are using InformaCast to schedule "stretching" break periods during the day, to encourage their employees to get up and stretch in order to avoid future health issues related to prolonged sitting.

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