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Stay Organized with Scheduled InformaCast Announcements for Your Plant


The most productive companies are usually the most organized. When daily processes run smoothly, work gets done faster, employee safety improves, and everything is more efficient.    

InformaCast's scheduling utility, which is included with InformaCast Advanced Notification allows you to easily broadcast shift changes, break reminders, recorded safety alerts, and other announcements to help your company stay organized. If you need to make a change to the schedule, it's fast and easy to do.  

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Singlewire Celebrates 5 Years

Listen to this podcast interview with Singlewire CEO, Paul Shain, to learn about the past 5 years of Singlewire and what's coming next.

Paul Shain 


Well, two things really stand out. One is how quickly five years has gone by. It seems like only yesterday that we started the company and here we are, already celebrating our five-year anniversary.

The other element that really strikes me as important in this evolution is how fast technology has changed. What we thought we would be doing five years ago, and how the company has evolved, and how we've been able to open up new opportunities and new markets has happened much more rapidly than I would have expected.

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