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What's New in InformaCast 9.0.2


Please Note: A more recent version of InformaCast now exists. Learn What's New.

9.0.2 including resiliency is now available for download on 

Highlights of the InformaCast 9.0.2 release include:

  • InformaCast® Resiliency™ - InformaCast Resiliency supports one or more redundant instances of InformaCast that will take over immediately and automatically if your primary InformaCast server becomes unavailable for any reason.
  • PushToTalk - Now as a feature within the InformaCast Virtual Appliance
  • Phone Wipe - Clear InformaCast messages and return phones to their ready state
  • AND Speakers - Perform actions based on message priority

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Learn What's New in the InformaCast Desktop Notifier

The InformaCast® Desktop Notifier™ is a lightweight client application for Windows and Mac desktop computers. It allows the computers in your facility to receive text and/or audio InformaCast broadcasts the way an IP speaker would. When you broadcast a message via InformaCast, it will pop-up a message on the screens of your intended recipients.

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Protect Your Organization During Wildfire Season

It is fire weather season and that means it is time to think about what you need to do to protect your organization from wild fires. 

Each year there are about 100,000 wildfires in the United States. Wildfires can be caused naturally by eventsiStock_000006817747Small such as storms and lighting or by humans when they do something like drop a still lit cigarette or leave a camp fire unattended. You can help protect your staff from wildfires that get out of hand by setting up automated weather alerts that are triggered in Informacast when the National Weather Service issues a Fire Weather Watch or a Red Flag Warning. 

A Fire Weather Watch and a Red Flag Warning are the two most common types of fire weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service. 

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