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InformaCast Version 9.1.1 Now Available

Cisco-DX650-Phone-InformaCast-1Please Note: A more recent version of InformaCast now exists. Learn What's New.

We're pleased to announce that InformaCast version 9.1.1 is now available for download at and

This new version of InformaCast includes several exciting updates. Based directly on your feedback, we added functionality to the conference call plugin to improve user experience and administrative flexibility.

Other updates include access to the configuration API and security updates to protect your InformaCast system. 

Got a new Cisco product? We've got you covered. InformaCast 9.1.1 supports all new Cisco releases, including Communications Manager 10.5.2 and DX series phone models.

Here are some of the highlights of Informacast 9.1.1

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InformaCast and Wachter: Making IoT Work for You

The New Era of Manufacturing

Modern manufacturers face many challenges that simply didn’t exist for their predecessors - larger facilities pose communication and safety challenges, demands on production are ever-increasing, and technical advancements are changing the face of the industry.

The analog systems of the past are becoming less effective at meeting the needs of today’s manufacturing facilities. Here's how InformaCast and Wachter can help your company stay competitive into the future.

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