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Singlewire Sponsors MadHacks Event in Madison

Singlewire Sofware was a proud sponsor of the first intercollegiate national MadHacks 2015 Hackathon in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 18th and 19th, 2015.

Teams ranging is size of one to four people created projects using a wide variety of hardware and software technologies over a 24 hour period. Completed projects were then presented to the group as a whole at the conclusion of the event.

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Addressing Plant Safety Concerns with InformaCast

Have you ever been somewhere -- say a store, restaurant, or friend's house -- and heard a car alarm go off? How did people respond? Likely, they didn't.

Alarms are only effective when they trigger action , and that's only possible if someone is paying attention to them . So how does this apply to your manufacturing plant? 

Well, think about all of the potential dangers in your plant: chemical spills, employee injuries, unsafe levels of contaminants, and more. There are systems available to monitor for these scenarios, but unless you're in the area and hear when a system detects a concern, it's about as effective as a car alarm.

InformaCast offers a solution. It integrates with monitoring systems like air quality sensors and temperature gauges. When one of those systems detects a threat, InformaCast automatically sends a notification directly to you and your safety team so you know about it and can take action no matter where you happen to be at the time.
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