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Discontinued Development and Support for Facebook, Cisco DMM and Lync Plugins

Facebook Plugin

On April 30th, Facebook changed the method third parties use to post updates to Facebook accounts. As a result, InformaCast Facebook plugin users no longer have the ability to post InformaCast messages to their Facebook pages.

Due to this change, the Facebook plugin will no longer be included in the list of InformaCast plugin options beginning with version 11.0.1 (scheduled for release in mid June).

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InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - Spring 2015

See Response Statistics in Real-Time, SMS text notifications/confirmation, and more...

Learn more about recent improvements to our InformaCast Mobile service, including the ability to send notification via SMSmessage confirmation with SMS, improved in-app real-time statistics, and the ability to send follow-up notifications to groups of people based on their responses. 

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