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InformaCast 11.0.5 Engineering Overview + Podcast

With each new release of InformaCast, we sit down with Singlewire CTO, Jerry Steinhauer, to learn the details of what's new. You can download and listen to the podcast or read and learn more below. 

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So what I'd like to talk to you guys today about is InformaCast 11.0.5.

11.0.5 for us is a service release. And we do recommend that all customers currently on maintenance upgrade to it. If you're a customer running InformaCast cast 9.1.1 or higher, you can upgrade directly.

If you're running an older release, please see our download page on for more detailed information and how to upgrade.

Security Improvements

So I'd like to talk a little bit about what's important in this release. Let's start with security. One thing that some customers will notice is that we force changing of default passwords in this release.

As you may know, when you install and InformaCast, the default password was change me. We've always recommended that customers change their passwords. But we've never forced them to do it as part of installation or part of upgrade.

As of 11.0.5, when you install InformaCast for the very first time, or if you upgrade from a previous release, we do a check to see if you're using one of the default passwords. And if you are, we stop the boot process until it's changed. The reason we do this is because if you consult security literature, it's well understood that default passwords are one of the leading causes of system compromise. And we recognize that our customers depend on InformaCast. And we do our best to keep it stable and keep it secure. We recognize that customers trust our products. And we do our best to keep that trust. And this is one step along that path.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Leverage InformaCast for Improved School Communications

A Day in the Life of Principal Simmons

When you're a school principal, every day can bring unexpected challenges. InformaCast helps you address these challenges with minimal disruption, making for easier days, safer students, and increased peace-of-mind.

Meet Principal Simmons. He's been a principal at Cherryville Elementary for five years. He started as third grade teacher, a position he held for ten years before becoming an administrator. He loves working at the school and enjoys interacting with students and teachers. Before the district implemented InformaCast, he sometimes felt overwhelmed by his job and found it difficult to address unexpected challenges while maintaining his other duties.

InformaCast helps him feel in control and prepared when challenges arise.

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