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InformaCast Desktop Notifier - Spring 2016 Update

New Enhancements to Broaden Your Notification Reach

Sending emergency notification to computer desktops is an important communications channel for any organization. If a threat presents itself, displaying a broadcast alert from InformaCast directly onto the desktop work screen is an effective way to immediately get attention and provide important information. 

We’ve recently released an upgrade to InformaCast Desktop Notifier, making it easier for staff to deploy it into more environments, including Citrix. You now have greater flexibility in customizing the color and logo of the alert templates, giving your broadcasts more immediate recognition by employees.

If you need to show video feeds from security cameras or provide additional information on a broadcast, you can now include links without having to write html code.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Colorized text 
  • Enhanced color options for backgrounds and fonts 
  • Automatic link recognition - eliminating the need for writing html code 
  • Options for deploying via Citrix

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Visit Singlewire at ISC West

Singlewire Software will be attending the ISC West Security Conference at the  Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Wednesday, April 6th through Friday, April 8th.
Stop by the Singlewire Booth #17130 to see a demonstration of InformaCast Advanced Notification, including:

If you’re an existing customer of Singlewire or if you're looking to implement a new emergency notification service in your organization, we can help. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our team for a personalized product update and demo.
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Severe Weather Emergency Alerts: 3 Important Questions to Ask



When a tornado warning is issued, you have an average of 13 minutes before the tornado will hit. That’s not a lot of time. Every second counts.

For many organizations, staff need to manually activate an internal weather alert letting people know to seek shelter in a building or safe area. That process is dependent on knowing who’s responsible, having access to information from the National Weather Service, and being in a position to activate the alert to the buildings on campus.

With many areas of the country already experiencing severe weather and tornados, now is the time for every organization to think about how to handle weather emergencies. We’ve put together three questions you should ask.
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InformaCast Night Bell (Loud Ringer): Know When There's a Call


An important phone call comes into your business after-hours. If your security team is away from their desk, how do they know there's a call?

InformaCast's Night Bell feature is a great way to automatically play a ringing tone throughout your facility to alert staff when there's a call. InformaCast plays the ring through the building's overhead paging system or to speakers on Cisco IP phones when there's a call. Your security team can choose to return to the desk and answer the call or remotely dial into the directory number from another phone.

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