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InformaCast Mobile Launches Conference Call Collaboration

Bring Everyone Together

When an emergency happens in your organization, you need to bring together the right people, quickly to help manage the situation. But this can be challenging when people are scattered across a facility or campus, and cannot join with the immediacy that the event demands. The new Collaboration Group feature for InformaCast Mobile offers users the ability to trigger automatic conference calls to key personnel for instant collaboration during a crisis.

Create Groups for the Right People

Inside the updated InformaCast Mobile interface, current users will find a new option for “Collaboration Groups.” This will give users the option to initiate a conference call by sending a broadcast to designated distribution lists and individual users.

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InformaCast Users Share Best Practices for Higher Education

Overcome Notification Challenges

On a college or university campus, it can be difficult to reach everyone during an emergency. Disparate systems, complicated procedures and the sheer volume of people and devices that need to be reached can make it challenging for your message to quickly reach the intended audience. 

InformaCast simplifies the mass notification process to reach everyone, wherever they are, during a crisis, and our customers tell us they benefit most from hearing about how others use InformaCast in their institutions. Three longstanding higher education customers recently shared their expertise to outline best practices and innovative solutions for using InformaCast to notify a campus population.

Learn more about using InformaCast in Higher Ed

Reaching Everyone, Everywhere

Our panelists work at institutions in the U.S. and Canada and manage emergency notifications for campus populations large, small and in-between. They work with various IT and security groups on their campuses to bring together communications systems that maximize the reach of the notifications they are sending out through InformaCast.

Throughout their campuses, our panelists use IP speakers inside and outside of buildings, Cisco IP phones, desktops, digital signage and mobile devices to send audio and text notifications. This was particularly important on a campus that had a large population of part- and short-time students who were less familiar with campus buildings and procedures.

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Streamlining Retail Communications with Mass Notifications

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Online reviews and social media have made exceptional customer service an important touchstone of the retail experience. Mass notification systems give managers the tools their staff need to help customers and conduct daily functions more effieciently.

Facilitate Customer Calls

Many retail businesses have call systems that allow them to park incoming customers calls and page the proper department to answer questions, but certain systems go beyond this traditional method, to connect customers with the right person, faster. Look for a system that can centralize call management across all store locations. Make sure you have the ability to escalate and reroute a call if a customer query is not being answered. This service can lead to more in-store visits, increased sales and strengthened customer loyalty.

Utilize Park and Page for Customer Calls

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Keeping Schools Safe with Cisco, Jabber and InformaCast


Combined Solutions Lead to Safer Schools

At ISC West 2016, Cisco conducted a demonstration to show how these systems work together to alert school officials of potentially dangerous situations occurring in their school. Whether it’s an unwelcome visitor at the school entrance, or a teacher in need of assistance in his or her classroom, Cisco and Singlewire are providing schools with solutions that enhance safety and awareness during an emergency.

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Mobile Makes Emergency Moments Matter in Manufacturing

Comply with OSHA Standards

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Standards outline specific requirements for employee alarm systems, including capabilities, installation, restoration, maintenance and testing. With new technological advances, it can be difficult to know what kind of system to use to ensure supervisors are reaching everyone quickly when a crisis arises.

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Best Practices for Mass Notifications in Healthcare Environments

Learn from Others to Overcome Implementation Challenges

Utilizing a new system can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially in the healthcare field. But sometimes the best way to overcome these challenges is to learn from those who have already been through the process. This was the goal of our most recent healthcare users meeting. We enlisted the help of three current InformaCast users to share their experiences using the system.

Early Adopters Help Ease Transitions

When embarking on implementing a new system, the first obstacle can often be buy-in from staff and decision makers. Time and staff limitations make it seem easier to continue with what is currently in place, instead of trying to learn something new. Our panelists recommended piloting the system with one group who can then speak to its effectiveness to the rest of an organization. It’s also helpful to understand the pain points of end users, since they are not always aware of the questions they should be asking when new solutions are presented. Doing that legwork early in the process helps the adoption roll out smoothly.

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