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eBook - IP Paging vs Analog Paging

phone pagingHow do you choose between IP paging and analog paging? This new eBook from Singlewire Software explains the differences between IP paging and traditional analog paging and will help you decide what mass notification system is right for your organization. 

What is IP paging?

Internet Protocol (IP) paging is network-based paging. It allows a user to communicate to all devices on the network, including phones, speakers, digital signage, strobes, clocks, and more.

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How are Manufacturing Organizations Using InformaCast?

Singlewire recently surveyed a cross section of our manufacturing customers to find out how they were using InformaCast in their organizations.

While almost all of those surveyed are using InformaCast for everyday phone paging and emergency notification, some are also using InformaCast for emergency call monitoring and alerting, as well as integration with manufacturing monitoring systems. 

Read about how Health and Safety Engineers are using the InformaCast Machine-to-Machine (M2M) plugin to integrate with monitoring systems and keep everybody in their facilities safe. 

We asked "How often do you use InformaCast for paging or notification in a given year?"emergency notification 50% of organizations reported using InformaCast more than 500 times a year, while 80% of organizations are using InformCast more than 100 times a year year. 

We also asked customers to share any interesting or important ways they are using InformaCast. Most reported that they are using InformaCast to improve emergency response times or send out weather notifications. One company reported that they are using InformaCast to schedule "stretching" break periods during the day, to encourage their employees to get up and stretch in order to avoid future health issues related to prolonged sitting.

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Joy Global Uses Singlewire Software to Send Emergency Notification

P&H MiningJoy Global / P&H Mining use Singlewire InformaCast with CallAware to help keep workers safe.

InformaCast is used as part of their emergency notification system to quickly alert plant workers of an event and provide information. When used with Singlewire CallAware, managers are also able to monitor when the company emergency number or 911 is dialed within the organization so that on-site first responders can be directed to scene.

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Singlewire Paging Gateway™ for deploying InformaCast  Across a WAN

paging-gateway.jpgSinglewire’s InformaCast® solution uses multicast in order to provide the speed and scalability of network-based mass notification. Some environments make it difficult to use multicast audio streaming across the WAN (wide area network), either due to routing or bandwidth limitations. With the Singlewire Paging Gateway™ you can send audio across the WAN without needing to route multicast across the WAN.

Here's how it works:

  • Within InformaCast, send an audio message
  • Audio is sent from InformaCast unicast to the Paging Gateway over the WAN
  • The Paging Gateway at the remote site turns the unicast audio into multicast audio
  • The phones and IP speakers receive and play the multicast audio

You can choose whether to run Paging Gateway on a server you supply or on a ready-to-run appliance from Singlewire. To deploy one or more Paging Gateways, you must also be running the InformaCast virtual appliance 8.0.2 or higher.  

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Brandeis University uses InformaCast for Campus Wide Emergency Communication

brandeisThe Client
Brandeis University is a leading university outside of Boston with a total student enrollment of approximately 5,600 and about 1,500 faculty and staff members.

The Business Challenge
In the wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech in April 2007, universities across the country were confronted with the need for improved all-campus communication. Brandeis University didn’t waste any time. Its Crisis Communications Team immediately began to seek out the best solution for the campus.

John Turner, Brandeis’ Director of Networks and Systems, remembers that parents were asking a lot of questions: “What are you doing for communication? How are you going to let our son or daughter know of a crisis? What other mechanisms do you have?”

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