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7 Strategies for Clear Campus Communications During a Crisis

Reduce Noise and Minimize Misinformation

A recent article from the Washington Post highlighted the challenges colleges and universities face when communicating critical information during a crisis situation. Conflicting reports from social media, news outlets, campus services and friends can lead to unnecessary confusion and fear among students and staff. Having a system in place that notifies an entire campus during an emergency can help keep everyone safe.

Here are seven tips for providing clear communications to your campus during a crisis:

  1. Utilize a Single System - When a crisis occurs, time is of the essence. Safety and security personnel don’t have time to log in and out of different systems to send multiple messages. A single system that reaches everyone helps share vital information quickly.
  1. Reach Multiple Devices – Your system should reach landline phones, mobile devices, desktops and even digital displays. Every available device that can reach your campus population should be utilized to inform them of the situation.
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Preparing Your Business for Active Shooter Scenarios

Strong Emergency Action Plans Include Emergency Notifications

People are a business’s most valuable resource. When an emergency situation unfolds, business leaders need to have a plan in place to keep their employee’s safe. A recent white paper from Neckerman Insurance Services outlines best practices businesses should take to prepare for an active shooter scenario, including how to develop an emergency action plan (EAP).

One of the key components is utilizing an emergency notification system, such as InformaCast from Singlewire Software, to alert various parties of an emergency. These systems can help notify personnel quickly, including:

  • Individuals at remote locations within premises
  • Local law enforcement
  • Local area hospitals

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