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InformaCast Is a Powerful Ally for Patients and Medical Staff

Elderly PatientMedical staff who care for people with Alzheimers and Dementia have a large responsibility. The people they care for aren’t just patients; they are parents who used to take care of their children and now need care themselves. They are former teachers, policemen, mechanics, and doctors who may no longer remember who they are. They are grandparents who are frustrated, because they don’t know the names of their own grandchildren. They are the people whose fate we could share when we grow old.

In light of this responsibility, it can also be a challenge to address the special needs of people with Alzheimers and Dementia. Because of their memory problems, they cannot remember instruction. They have a tendency to wander off and sometimes get lost. They are at high risk of endangering themselves or others if they are not supervised. They can get confused and scared.

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Patient Elopement: Correctly Supervise At-Risk / Wander-Risk Patients

This blog post is part of a series focusing on the issue of patient elopement and wander-risk residents in hospitals and healthcare facilities

patient elopement wander risk issueIf, after a careful and complete evaluation, a patient is deemed to be a wandering risk, it is incumbent upon hospital staff to supervise the patient properly. There are numerous supervision techniques that can be used on dementia patients to inhibit them from wandering. First, and most importantly, the patient should never be left unsupervised while he or she is awaiting any type of medical treatment or test.

If the patient is going to remain in the hospital or care facility for an extended period of time, careful thought should be given to room placement. In general, it is best for patients with a risk of wandering to be placed in rooms that are located in areas with high staff traffic, and it is ideal if the patient’s only route out of the facility forces him or her to walk past a nurse’s desk or supervisory station.
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