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K-12 Emergency Notification Systems for the New School Year

Prepare for Back to School

While parents are getting supplies to prepare their students for the new school year, administrators and school security officers are making sure they have everything in place to provide a safe learning environment. Part of that process involves adding and testing technology that can reach everyone during an emergency.

Emergency notification systems offer schools a means to send critical information to everyone who needs it for events like active shooters and severe weather. Advanced systems can tie into legacy paging systems and security features, such as door locks, to help leverage existing technology and offer additional opportunities to increase security at schools.

Before the new school year, there are several steps school officials should take to assess their emergency notification capabilities.

Learn about emergency notification for K-12 schools

Standardize Procedures to Save Time

Review what kind of procedures are currently in place and identify areas that can be improved or expanded. Know what kind of events constitute sending notifications to key personnel and how those notifications will be sent. Some scenarios may only require a select group to be notified, while others may call for everyone to be alerted of the situation. Standardizing these practices before the school year begins can save time when an actual event occurs.

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