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Enhance K-12 School Security with Cisco and InformaCast

Combined Solutions Provide Added Security

Cisco and InformaCast provide K-12 schools with a powerful, easy-to-use emergency notification system. Real-time video, panic buttons and messages to police radios can all be configured to ensure rapid response times and informed decision making.

During this year’s Cisco Live event, Kevin Holcomb, Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco, recorded several videos demonstrating how K-12 schools can enhance security with Cisco and InformaCast. With emergency notifications that can be sent in multiple formats to devices that include mobile devices, video displays and more, InformaCast helps schools maximize the potential of their Cisco phones. 

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Secure School Building Access and Emergency Notification

This post is the first in a three-part series highlighting how Cisco phones and InformaCast work together to improve school safety. Look for parts two and three in the coming weeks. 

Leverage Video in Real-Time

Security is top of mind for K-12 schools, and Cisco phones with InformaCast help provide added real-time security benefits to existing solutions. InformaCast helps translate data from devices like intercoms into easy-to-read messages on Cisco desk phones and can connect to other security tools such as surveillance cameras.

As Kevin Holcomb, Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco, discusses in this video filmed during Cisco Live 2016, Cisco and InformaCast work together to protect school entryways from unwanted visitors.

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Keeping Schools Safe with Cisco, Jabber and InformaCast


Combined Solutions Lead to Safer Schools

At ISC West 2016, Cisco conducted a demonstration to show how these systems work together to alert school officials of potentially dangerous situations occurring in their school. Whether it’s an unwelcome visitor at the school entrance, or a teacher in need of assistance in his or her classroom, Cisco and Singlewire are providing schools with solutions that enhance safety and awareness during an emergency.

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Singlewire Featured in CIO Review

CIO_ReviewCIO Review Magazine, an industry-leading technology publication, recently featured Singlewire in their article, "Singlewire Software: Network-Centric Mass Notifications for Emergency Communications." 

The article explores InformaCast's extensive communication capabilities as well as its exciting position in the forefront of the 'Internet of Things' movement.

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Singlewire InformaCast Supports New Cisco 8800 Series IP Phones

InformaCast notification software will support the new 8841, 8851, and 8861 Cisco IP phones

Cisco8841Singlewire Software, developer of innovative solutions centered around fast and reliable emergency notification, today announced support for the new models in the 8800 series of Cisco IP phones. Support includes the ability to reach the 8841, 8851, and 8861 phones with an InformaCast text and/or audio broadcast message. Singlewire will be fully supporting the new models in the 8800 series in both the InformaCast Basic Paging and InformaCast Advanced notification modes.

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Cisco Announces InformaCast Basic Paging with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco recently released a blog article announcing the new paging capabilities that InformaCast will bring to Cisco Unified Communications Manager as a result of the OEM agreement between Singlewire Software and Cisco. The article details the basic paging features that will ship free with new CUCM orders, as well as the advanced notification features that can be unlocked with the purchase of a license. Read the article below or click here to view it on  

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Singlewire InformaCast Is Now Bundled with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Business Edition 6000 to Provide Basic Paging and Emergency Notification

Singlewire Software, a developer of network-centric notification software for emergency communication and IP paging, today announced the release of InformaCast Basic Paging with Cisco. InformaCast Basic Paging will initially be bundled and shipped with the latest release of Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) 9.1 and Cisco Business Edition 6000, followed shortly thereafter with availability for all Cisco CUCM customers running version 8.5 or greater. As a Preferred Solution Developer in the Unified Communications category of the Cisco Developer Network, Singlewire has completed interoperability verification testing required by Cisco. 

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Virtualization Co-Residence with Singlewire InformaCast

Learn more about the requirements for running Singlewire InformaCast co-resident with Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a virtualized server environment.



We're talking with Jerry Steinhauer, Chief Technology Officer at Singlewire, about virtualization co-residence support. Can you talk to us about what this is and what it means?

Sure, so for those who haven't heard, Cisco is in the process of migrating the environment in which Communications Manager runs, you know back about 5 years ago or so now they migrated from a Windows environment to a Linux environment, and at the time, you would install that on a bare metal server, so if you needed two Communications Managers, you would have two servers.

If you needed Unity server, a Unity connection for voicemail you have a third server, if you needed a CUP server for Presence, you'd have a fourth server and on and on and on so, Cisco, as many companies have, has gotten into the virtualization game. And what this means is that now virtual machines essentially become like building blocks where you can take capacity that are provided by a server and service one or more virtual machines on top of what you used to use that sent physical footprint that used to handle only one server can now handle several or many depending on the server that's being installed, the amount of RAM, the amount of disk, and the amount of CPU.

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Cisco Paging - Software for Sending an Overhead Page

Turn your Cisco phone network into a robust mass notification system with InformaCast.

Singlewire Software’s InformaCast IP Broadcasting Solution (for Windows or virtualized environments) revolutionizes organization-wide communication by allowing you to simultaneously send an audio stream and text message to variety of endpoints including IP speakers, Cisco IP phones, overhead paging systems, computer desktops, digital signage, social media sites, and more. With the push of a single button on a phone or a single click from a PC, you can send a live, recorded, or scheduled message to one or more paging groups.

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Singlewire Software Announces the Release of No-cost Applications for Use on Cisco IP Phones

The free applications from Singlewire provide real-time information and resources for users of Cisco IP phones.

mass communicationsSinglewire Software, LLC, ( today announced the release of several free applications for use on most models of Cisco IP phones. These applications offer helpful answers to commonly asked questions such as currency conversion, local time, and local weather.

Users of Cisco IP phones can access the applications by simply pushing the Applications or Services button on their phone and choosing from a list of configured services. The phone keypad is used to enter specific request information like a zip code for current weather, or an area code number to display name of a city.

“These Cisco phone applications are a great way for organizations to provide additional real-time information and resources to employees,” states Jerry Steinhauer (CCIE #12504), Chief Technical Officer at Singlewire Software. “The applications are easy to implement, configure, and use.”

The list of current applications offered includes: local weather information, a stock ticker, area code look-up, a world clock, and a currency converter. Additional applications will be introduced in the future.

 Phone administrators need to simply create a phone service with the provided URL and assign the service to their organization’s phones. Administration should be done by individuals familiar with configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME).

Instructions can be downloaded from the Singlewire website at, and are offered on good faith to anyone who is interested in using them. There is no technical support offered for the free applications.

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