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How the InformaCast M2M Plugin Can Help Any Facility

The sky is the limit when it comes to ways to use the InformaCast M2M plugin. Since it monitors contact closures, you can integrate InformaCast notifications with many building control and safety systems. From door locks to lights, and refrigerators to fire alarm systems, InformaCast can help you get even more value out of your current systems. Here are some examples of ways any organization can benefit from using the InformaCast M2M plugin: 

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Singlewire Software and Barix Align to Provide Solutions for Overhead Paging, Mass Notification, and Physical Security

Singlewire Software, LLC, (, developer of innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification, today announced integration with Barix (, developer of IP-based audio, control, monitoring and automation devices, for providing InformaCast-compliant notification with Exstreamer IP audio decoders and Barionet contact closure interfaces.

Singlewire InformaCast is a full-featured, network-based mass notificationemergency communication, and overhead paging system that allows users to simultaneously send an audio and/or text message to a variety of endpoints including IP speakers, Cisco IP phones, overhead paging systems, computer desktops, digital signage, SMS text, social media sites, and more. InformaCast can also be used to send bell tones for passing bells in K-12 schools and shift changes in manufacturing environments.

Barix Exstreamer and Barionet devices allow integration and alarm triggers to and from real-world interfaces such as loudspeakers, PA systems, relays, horns, contact closures, push buttons, and displays. The devices are open-standards-compliant, intelligent IP I/O controllers that directly interface to common electrical interfaces, providing options for two-way audio support and tighter integration to loudspeakers.

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