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Podcast - DialStreamer for InformaCast

DialStreamer™ from Singlewire Software is an innovative solution that allows you to use your Cisco IP phones for dialing and listening to streaming audio on your network. It’s a fully-customizable solution for any organization looking to provide on-demand audio streams of critical information to their users.



DialStreamer.jpgSo, DialStreamer is the name that we've given to a technology that allows an IP phone user, Cisco IP phone user to hook into a multicast stream but happens to be generated elsewhere in the network. I mean that's what's happening from a technical perspective. Some of the typical use cases for that, we've had several trading companies and if you can imagine a modern trading floor, not the sort where you know, people are pointing at each and shouting, but a row of long tables at each table is a trader.

At that trader's desk there are 3 monitors where they're receiving, they have spreadsheets, they have all sorts of applications running, but, on the far wall that they happen to be facing, is a bank of television screens, and this is how one way that these traders are monitoring what's going on in the media.

Maybe those TVs are tuned to CNBC, maybe they're tuned to Fox business, whatever seems to be relevant at the time. And the problem that they have is they can't turn the volume up on any of those TVs, because if they do, it's just gonna be cacaphony. If you can imagine a hundred people in a room like this to begin with, and adding a television, a number of televisions.

Besides, it just doesn't work. So, what DialStreamer allows you to do, is to cause the audio that's being generated at that television to be multicast across the IP network. And we use a hardware device for this, which I can describe and come back to. So, that multicasts the audio across the network.

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