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Conference Call Feature of InformaCast

Learn more about how the Conference Call Plugin for InformaCast can be used in your organization to automatically invite managers to a conference call when an emergency event takes place.



With the new Conference Call Plugin from Singlewire, you can actually start a conference call with an InformaCast broadcast.

So why is that important? Well, with the InformaCast broadcast you're going to communicate with people, tell them what the emergency situation is, but at the same time you're going to automatically a call manager adhoc conference call and then automatically call people to join that call.

So the idea is this you have an emergency in your organization you use InformaCast to notify everybody what that emergency is, what they need to do to stay safe in that emergency, you start an InformaCast Conference Call plugin.

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VIDEO: InformaCast CallAware 2.0 Update

Learn more about how InformaCast can be used to monitor for numbers dialed within your organization, like 911, record the call, and send notification to on-site first responder. 



CallAware, it's job is to monitor dialed numbers, and everybody uses it to watch for 911 calls being placed. So we've added a really new feature with CallAware 2.0 where you can now record those emergency calls.

So here's the setup. Somebody in your organization places a emergency call. "Emergency call was made from Brett Rimkus, Madison office at Eleven twenty-one and seven seconds AM of August 23, 2012."

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Podcast - Singlewire Multicast and SNMP Network Testing Kit Overview

Singlewire Software has developed two simple software tools that network engineers can use to determine whether your organization has multicast, SNMP, and AXL set up correctly on the network. These tools offer a great “quick check” of the network and are an easy way to validate that your systems are configured correctly. The Singlewire Multicast Tester can be used when your organization is not getting audio but insist that multicast is working on the network.

Learn more about this tool from Singlewire by listening to the podcast or transcript below.

The Singlewire Multicast and SNMP Testing Kit is available at no cost.Click here to learn more and download.



Podcast Transcript

OK, Peter can you tell us about the multicast and the SNMP network testing kit that you have on the site?

Yeah, the SNMP networking tool or the CUCM tester as I like to call it and the multicast testing tool are things that I developed for our support team mainly and for implementation engineers because when some of the more common errors that people run into involve these items.

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InformaCast Virtual Appliance - Easier and Cheaper to Implement

Singlewire’s new InformaCast Virtual Appliance allows customers to easily deploy InformaCast in virtualized server environments. 

InformaCast Virtual Appliance is an alternative way for deploying InformaCast within an organization. Making use of virtualized server environments, InformaCast Virtual Appliance can be installed by downloading a single file that contains the InformaCast application and an operating system. Engineers simply install and configure the virtual appliance in their virtual environment using standard deployment practices. InformaCast users can then access the application via a secure web portal in the same way they would if InformaCast was deployed on a physical server.

InformaCast Virtual Appliance provides a lower cost of ownership to customers because a traditional Windows server license and maintenance costs are no longer necessary. It also allows users to deploy InformaCast more quickly.

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