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Singlewire Releases InformaCast 11.5.1 Update

New Features Improve User Experience

In a continuing effort to provide users with the best solution for emergency notification, Singlewire has released the 11.5.1 update for the InformaCast platform. The update offers a number of new performance, security and management features, and provides expanded support options.

Ease of Management

  • Two new administrator roles make it easier to edit groups and IP speaker volumes.
  • Call detail records collection for every SIP call. 
  • Improved logging for the SIP stack, including the message body of SIP requests and headers that were already being monitored.
  • CTI connection information now available on the Overview, Call Aware Diagnostics, Night Bell, Park and Page plugins and Conference Call plugin status pages.
  • An improved “Clear Devices” command that includes the ability to remove displayed broadcast windows from computers running the InformaCast Desktop Notifier.
  • Configurable multicast address range
  • An “ALARM” label that denotes important LPI and “Park and Page” plugin log events for easy searching of important errors.
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InformaCast Night Bell (Loud Ringer): Know When There's a Call


An important phone call comes into your business after-hours. If your security team is away from their desk, how do they know there's a call?

InformaCast's Night Bell feature is a great way to automatically play a ringing tone throughout your facility to alert staff when there's a call. InformaCast plays the ring through the building's overhead paging system or to speakers on Cisco IP phones when there's a call. Your security team can choose to return to the desk and answer the call or remotely dial into the directory number from another phone.

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InformaCast 11.0.5 Engineering Overview + Podcast

With each new release of InformaCast, we sit down with Singlewire CTO, Jerry Steinhauer, to learn the details of what's new. You can download and listen to the podcast or read and learn more below. 

Click to Download InformaCast version 11.0.X


So what I'd like to talk to you guys today about is InformaCast 11.0.5.

11.0.5 for us is a service release. And we do recommend that all customers currently on maintenance upgrade to it. If you're a customer running InformaCast cast 9.1.1 or higher, you can upgrade directly.

If you're running an older release, please see our download page on for more detailed information and how to upgrade.

Security Improvements

So I'd like to talk a little bit about what's important in this release. Let's start with security. One thing that some customers will notice is that we force changing of default passwords in this release.

As you may know, when you install and InformaCast, the default password was change me. We've always recommended that customers change their passwords. But we've never forced them to do it as part of installation or part of upgrade.

As of 11.0.5, when you install InformaCast for the very first time, or if you upgrade from a previous release, we do a check to see if you're using one of the default passwords. And if you are, we stop the boot process until it's changed. The reason we do this is because if you consult security literature, it's well understood that default passwords are one of the leading causes of system compromise. And we recognize that our customers depend on InformaCast. And we do our best to keep it stable and keep it secure. We recognize that customers trust our products. And we do our best to keep that trust. And this is one step along that path.

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What's New in InformaCast 11.0.2

Now Available for Download on

Highlights of the InformaCast 11.0.2 release include:

  • New Version Number - Syncronized with current version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Legacy Paging Interface (LPI) and CallAware - Now InformaCast plugins
  • Expanded API
  • Support for new Cisco Phones

Watch the video below to learn more:


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Discontinued Development and Support for Facebook, Cisco DMM and Lync Plugins

Facebook Plugin

On April 30th, Facebook changed the method third parties use to post updates to Facebook accounts. As a result, InformaCast Facebook plugin users no longer have the ability to post InformaCast messages to their Facebook pages.

Due to this change, the Facebook plugin will no longer be included in the list of InformaCast plugin options beginning with version 11.0.1 (scheduled for release in mid June).

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Singlewire Featured in CIO Review

CIO_ReviewCIO Review Magazine, an industry-leading technology publication, recently featured Singlewire in their article, "Singlewire Software: Network-Centric Mass Notifications for Emergency Communications." 

The article explores InformaCast's extensive communication capabilities as well as its exciting position in the forefront of the 'Internet of Things' movement.

Click here to read the article



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InformaCast Version 9.1.1 Now Available

Cisco-DX650-Phone-InformaCast-1Please Note: A more recent version of InformaCast now exists. Learn What's New.

We're pleased to announce that InformaCast version 9.1.1 is now available for download at and

This new version of InformaCast includes several exciting updates. Based directly on your feedback, we added functionality to the conference call plugin to improve user experience and administrative flexibility.

Other updates include access to the configuration API and security updates to protect your InformaCast system. 

Got a new Cisco product? We've got you covered. InformaCast 9.1.1 supports all new Cisco releases, including Communications Manager 10.5.2 and DX series phone models.

Here are some of the highlights of Informacast 9.1.1

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Stay Organized with Scheduled InformaCast Announcements for Your Plant


The most productive companies are usually the most organized. When daily processes run smoothly, work gets done faster, employee safety improves, and everything is more efficient.    

InformaCast's scheduling utility, which is included with InformaCast Advanced Notification allows you to easily broadcast shift changes, break reminders, recorded safety alerts, and other announcements to help your company stay organized. If you need to make a change to the schedule, it's fast and easy to do.  

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