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eBook - IP Paging vs Analog Paging

phone pagingHow do you choose between IP paging and analog paging? This new eBook from Singlewire Software explains the differences between IP paging and traditional analog paging and will help you decide what mass notification system is right for your organization. 

What is IP paging?

Internet Protocol (IP) paging is network-based paging. It allows a user to communicate to all devices on the network, including phones, speakers, digital signage, strobes, clocks, and more.

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Singlewire InformaCast Is Now Bundled with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Business Edition 6000 to Provide Basic Paging and Emergency Notification

Singlewire Software, a developer of network-centric notification software for emergency communication and IP paging, today announced the release of InformaCast Basic Paging with Cisco. InformaCast Basic Paging will initially be bundled and shipped with the latest release of Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) 9.1 and Cisco Business Edition 6000, followed shortly thereafter with availability for all Cisco CUCM customers running version 8.5 or greater. As a Preferred Solution Developer in the Unified Communications category of the Cisco Developer Network, Singlewire has completed interoperability verification testing required by Cisco. 

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See InformaCast’s Customized Solution For When People Are on the Phone

On PhoneAnyone who has ever encountered something tauted to be “One Size Fits All” knows just how untrue that claim is. You and your organization aren’t One Size Fits All. Your products shouldn’t be either.

With InformaCast, we don’t give you a cookie cutter solution; we give you one that is customizable to the specific needs of your organization. 


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School Bells and Overhead Paging Keep Redlands Unified School District Schools Running

Redlands LogoThe Redlands Unified School District in California relies on InformaCast for their bells, paging, and alerts.

Singlewire Software, developer of innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification, emergency communication, and overhead paging, today announced the release and publication of the case study, “Redlands Unified School District: Reliable School Bells and Overhead Paging.”

The case study features Redlands Unified School District (RUSD) in California. There are approximately 21,400 students and 1,600 staff in the district, which is comprised 16 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, a continuation high school, an adult education high school, and district facilities.

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Overhead Paging Demonstration of Singlewire InformaCast


Singlewire InformaCast can be used for mass notification, emergency notification, clock and bell scheduling (for school class and shift changes), and overhead paging. The following video shows several examples of how InformaCast can be used for sending different types of overhead pages throughout an organization.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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IP Overhead Paging : What it is and How it Works

IP paging lets you take advantage of your existing network infrastructure by giving you the ability to send audio and/or text announcements right across your network, even if your network extends to multiple buildings or campuses.

With IP paging you can reach everyone in your network with a single message.





IP paging is using your network infrastructure to take advantage of the ability to send audio announcements or potentially even text announcements across your network. So wherever your network extends to, we can send IP pages to these different devices. So we're not limited by a facility. We're really just at the mercy of the network and as far as the network extends to be able to push information out.

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Cisco Paging - Software for Sending an Overhead Page

Turn your Cisco phone network into a robust mass notification system with InformaCast.

Singlewire Software’s InformaCast IP Broadcasting Solution (for Windows or virtualized environments) revolutionizes organization-wide communication by allowing you to simultaneously send an audio stream and text message to variety of endpoints including IP speakers, Cisco IP phones, overhead paging systems, computer desktops, digital signage, social media sites, and more. With the push of a single button on a phone or a single click from a PC, you can send a live, recorded, or scheduled message to one or more paging groups.

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Podcast - Singlewire Multicast and SNMP Network Testing Kit Overview

Singlewire Software has developed two simple software tools that network engineers can use to determine whether your organization has multicast, SNMP, and AXL set up correctly on the network. These tools offer a great “quick check” of the network and are an easy way to validate that your systems are configured correctly. The Singlewire Multicast Tester can be used when your organization is not getting audio but insist that multicast is working on the network.

Learn more about this tool from Singlewire by listening to the podcast or transcript below.

The Singlewire Multicast and SNMP Testing Kit is available at no cost.Click here to learn more and download.



Podcast Transcript

OK, Peter can you tell us about the multicast and the SNMP network testing kit that you have on the site?

Yeah, the SNMP networking tool or the CUCM tester as I like to call it and the multicast testing tool are things that I developed for our support team mainly and for implementation engineers because when some of the more common errors that people run into involve these items.

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Create Paging Zones with InformaCast and IP Speakers

Choose the IP speakers you want to send a message to when you deploy Singlewire’s InformaCast throughout your organization.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing IP speakers over traditional analog speakers is the zoning capabilities that come with each device you install. Every IP speaker is a PoE (power over ethernet) device that has its own IP address giving you the power to send an InformaCast broadcast to a single speaker, a small group of speakers, or all your speakers at once.

You could page potentially to one individual IP Speaker, or to all devices, or any mix and match in between there. Using InformaCast you can create predefined paging groups for the groups of speakers you send messages to regularly.

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