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Manufacturers Share InformaCast Best Practices for Facilities

Keeping Manufacturing Employees Safe

InformaCast offers numerous features to help manufacturing facilities keep employees safe during emergency situations. At Singlewire, we strive to educate our customers on best practices and share practical use cases from customers using InformaCast in innovative ways.

Our most recent user’s group meeting featured two manufacturing customers sharing the successes they’ve experienced implementing InformaCast for mass notification in their facilities.

Not using InformaCast? Learn how to take advantage of it in your facility.

Reduce Severe Weather Risks

Both panelists stressed the importance of taking the time to set up InformaCast to easily trigger notifications for any scenario should a situation arise. In one organization, our panelist uses InformaCast to alert employees for nearby lightning strikes. Due to the materials used in their manufacturing, if lightning is in the area, production needs to shut down until it passes. Using the InformaCast email plug-in, the organization created filters for incoming emails that mention lightning which are then sent to an email address associated with InformaCast. When certain subject lines are recognized, InformaCast automatically triggers a notification that is sent to Cisco and analog phones.

Cisco phones receive a custom text message and audio. Analog phones are connected through the legacy paging interface and only receive an audio message. However, in noisy areas, those phones are also connected to visual strobes that begin to flash when the phone rings so employees know someone is trying to reach them. Certain messages are also designated to particular groups, such as maintenance and safety, to provide proper context and instruction for what to do during the situation.

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Mobile Makes Emergency Moments Matter in Manufacturing

Comply with OSHA Standards

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Standards outline specific requirements for employee alarm systems, including capabilities, installation, restoration, maintenance and testing. With new technological advances, it can be difficult to know what kind of system to use to ensure supervisors are reaching everyone quickly when a crisis arises.

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Whitepaper: Solutions for Your Toughest Manufacturing Challenges

Solutions that Improve Employee Safety, Communication, and Productivity

Manufacturing facilities all face the challenge of reaching their workers in the event of an emergency. Fire, weather events, medical emergencies, chemical leaks and violent people are threats to every organization. Unique threats such as an overheating freezer, an emergency line-stop, or an empty fuel tank on a back-up generator may also threaten safety, damage assets, or cause loss of revenue.

Automatic alerts generated from disparate systems can help detect events, but these systems and sensors often lack an effective means for sending notification to people through multiple communication channels. Many lack the ability to automatically trigger other systems in the network to respond.

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Addressing Plant Safety Concerns with InformaCast

Have you ever been somewhere -- say a store, restaurant, or friend's house -- and heard a car alarm go off? How did people respond? Likely, they didn't.

Alarms are only effective when they trigger action , and that's only possible if someone is paying attention to them . So how does this apply to your manufacturing plant? 

Well, think about all of the potential dangers in your plant: chemical spills, employee injuries, unsafe levels of contaminants, and more. There are systems available to monitor for these scenarios, but unless you're in the area and hear when a system detects a concern, it's about as effective as a car alarm.

InformaCast offers a solution. It integrates with monitoring systems like air quality sensors and temperature gauges. When one of those systems detects a threat, InformaCast automatically sends a notification directly to you and your safety team so you know about it and can take action no matter where you happen to be at the time.
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InformaCast and Wachter: Making IoT Work for You

The New Era of Manufacturing

Modern manufacturers face many challenges that simply didn’t exist for their predecessors - larger facilities pose communication and safety challenges, demands on production are ever-increasing, and technical advancements are changing the face of the industry.

The analog systems of the past are becoming less effective at meeting the needs of today’s manufacturing facilities. Here's how InformaCast and Wachter can help your company stay competitive into the future.

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Stay Organized with Scheduled InformaCast Announcements for Your Plant


The most productive companies are usually the most organized. When daily processes run smoothly, work gets done faster, employee safety improves, and everything is more efficient.    

InformaCast's scheduling utility, which is included with InformaCast Advanced Notification allows you to easily broadcast shift changes, break reminders, recorded safety alerts, and other announcements to help your company stay organized. If you need to make a change to the schedule, it's fast and easy to do.  

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