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New in InformaCast Mobile - SMS Text Notification with Confirmation

Listen to this podcast to learn about InformaCast Mobile for sending SMS text messages with confirmation



InformaCast-Mobile-SMSHello. I'm Brad Parkel with Singlewire Software.

Today, we're talking with Tim Green, vice president of software development, about the upcoming release of InformaCast Mobile.
So the biggest thing that's new with InformaCast Mobile is we have added the ability to send an InformaCast Mobile broadcast as an SMS message.

Now, the reason we did that is the InformaCast Mobile today encompasses an iOS and an Android application. So if everybody that you want to reach on a mobile device has either an iPhone or an iPad or an Android phone or an Android tablet, they can have the InformaCast mobile application on that device.

And you could push text, audio, and pictures to them. And oh, by the way, you can also solicit a response back from them. If, however, you've got people in this community of people that you want to reach that don't have an iOS or Android device, you can't get a message to them with InformaCast Mobile.

So we heard this feedback loud and clear from our customers. And we decided the best way to meet that requirement was to add SMS capability.

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Message Confirmation with InformaCast

Learn more about how you can receive a message confirmation when you send out an InformaCast notification to a group of people in your organization. Watch the video below to get started.



So with the new message confirmation and acknowledgement feature in InformaCast, you can now give people who receive InformaCast broadcasts the ability to communicate back with you. So up until now, InformaCast has been really push, right, one way communication with the confirmation and acknowledgement feature of the people who receive these broadcasts, they cannot communicate back with a person who sent the broadcast so two use cases here.

The first is, you've got a patient in room 300 who needs help, you can use InformaCast to send a broadcast to all the nurses who are on shift at that point in time, and you can ask them to respond to that InformaCast broadcast and say yep, I'll take care of that patient. When they respond, InformaCast is going to send a second message out to that same team to let them know, that situation has been cared for. So that's the workflow use case of InformaCast in confirmation and acknowledgement.

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