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Singlewire Celebrates 5 Years

Listen to this podcast interview with Singlewire CEO, Paul Shain, to learn about the past 5 years of Singlewire and what's coming next.

Paul Shain 


Well, two things really stand out. One is how quickly five years has gone by. It seems like only yesterday that we started the company and here we are, already celebrating our five-year anniversary.

The other element that really strikes me as important in this evolution is how fast technology has changed. What we thought we would be doing five years ago, and how the company has evolved, and how we've been able to open up new opportunities and new markets has happened much more rapidly than I would have expected.

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PODCAST: Text-to-Speech with InformaCast Advanced Notification

Learn more about Text-to-Speech (TTS) for InformaCast with Singlewire CTO Jerry Steinhauer.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) reads back the text in InformaCast text-only messages as audio. Use Text-to-Speech with InformaCast for sending emergency notification to your organization. Learn more at


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We're here talking with Jerry Steinhauer CTO at Singlewire Software and Jerry, we're here to talk about text-to-speech. Can you tell us a little bit about what text-to-speech is and how it works?

Great, Brad.
Yeah, I'd love to. Glad to be talking to you today. So, our new text-to-speech offering runs on our virtual appliance only and it is repackaged software from a company called Cepstral. And Cepstral, if you haven't heard of them I'd like to tell you a little about our Cepstral partnership.

Cepstral has been doing text-to-speech in various different environments, embedded systems for years, and when we used to work on Windows, on our Windows product, we actually recommended some customers use Cepstral. And if you've seen one of our demos in our demo room, we demo for you is Cepstral text-to-speech.

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PODCAST: Singlewire InformaCast with IP Speakers from AND

Learn more about IP speaker endpoints in this podcast interview with Delora Senft from Advanced Network Devices.


I'm here talking with Delora Senft from Advanced Network Devices. Welcome Delora.

Thank you, Brad. AND is in partnership with Singlewire to provide IP speaker endpoints for notification with InformaCast. Delora, can you tell us a little bit about what types of IP-enabled speaker AND offers?

Yea, absolutely. So, we have three categories here at AND. We have outdoor speakers. We have an outdoor model that has a horn which allows for outdoor use. We have indoor models which include with and without display and then we have IP clocks, which are stainless steel format used for industrial front offices.

And then we have a category that we call legacy, which is our zone controller, which can be used with existing legacy speakers, so some schools find that very helpful.

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Virtualization Co-Residence with Singlewire InformaCast

Learn more about the requirements for running Singlewire InformaCast co-resident with Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a virtualized server environment.



We're talking with Jerry Steinhauer, Chief Technology Officer at Singlewire, about virtualization co-residence support. Can you talk to us about what this is and what it means?

Sure, so for those who haven't heard, Cisco is in the process of migrating the environment in which Communications Manager runs, you know back about 5 years ago or so now they migrated from a Windows environment to a Linux environment, and at the time, you would install that on a bare metal server, so if you needed two Communications Managers, you would have two servers.

If you needed Unity server, a Unity connection for voicemail you have a third server, if you needed a CUP server for Presence, you'd have a fourth server and on and on and on so, Cisco, as many companies have, has gotten into the virtualization game. And what this means is that now virtual machines essentially become like building blocks where you can take capacity that are provided by a server and service one or more virtual machines on top of what you used to use that sent physical footprint that used to handle only one server can now handle several or many depending on the server that's being installed, the amount of RAM, the amount of disk, and the amount of CPU.

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