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Demonstration of InformaCast's PushToTalk Feature

Singlewire Software’s PushToTalk is a walkie-talkie/intercom feature in InformaCast Advanced Notification designed to facilitate quick, easy, and immediate communication between multiple parties or on a one-to-one basis.

PushToTalk can be used to increase communication efficiency, reduce dependance on cellular walkie-talkies, and expand your organization's ability to add functionality to desktop Cisco IP phones.

Watch the video below to learn more about how PushToTalk works.


Hi folks, Tim Green with SingleWire Software. PushToTalk is an app that gives you the ability to do walkie-talkie or intercom sessions with Cisco wired and wireless- handsets and really the walkie-talkie sessions. Let's talk about those first. They're just what they sound like. Basically, I push the button, I talk, everybody else is listening. 
So, it's one to many -half duplex, again half duplex means one person talking, everybody else listening. Now when the person talking lets up their push to talk button anybody else in that push to talk group can then hit their button and- start talking. So really. Think about it like walkie-talkies we all used when we were kids. And again, it works with wireless handsets and also with the Cisco wired headset. 
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