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Singlewire Celebrates 5 Years

Listen to this podcast interview with Singlewire CEO, Paul Shain, to learn about the past 5 years of Singlewire and what's coming next.

Paul Shain 


Well, two things really stand out. One is how quickly five years has gone by. It seems like only yesterday that we started the company and here we are, already celebrating our five-year anniversary.

The other element that really strikes me as important in this evolution is how fast technology has changed. What we thought we would be doing five years ago, and how the company has evolved, and how we've been able to open up new opportunities and new markets has happened much more rapidly than I would have expected.

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Cisco Announces InformaCast Basic Paging with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco recently released a blog article announcing the new paging capabilities that InformaCast will bring to Cisco Unified Communications Manager as a result of the OEM agreement between Singlewire Software and Cisco. The article details the basic paging features that will ship free with new CUCM orders, as well as the advanced notification features that can be unlocked with the purchase of a license. Read the article below or click here to view it on  

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Singlewire InformaCast Is Now Bundled with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Business Edition 6000 to Provide Basic Paging and Emergency Notification

Singlewire Software, a developer of network-centric notification software for emergency communication and IP paging, today announced the release of InformaCast Basic Paging with Cisco. InformaCast Basic Paging will initially be bundled and shipped with the latest release of Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) 9.1 and Cisco Business Edition 6000, followed shortly thereafter with availability for all Cisco CUCM customers running version 8.5 or greater. As a Preferred Solution Developer in the Unified Communications category of the Cisco Developer Network, Singlewire has completed interoperability verification testing required by Cisco. 

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