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Does Your College Have a Social Media Crisis Management Plan?

College administrators have a unique challenge when it comes to communication. Unlike at grade schools, middle schools, and high schools, the staff and students you're trying to reach are often off-campus.

With the popularity of social media among college students, it is wise to have a social media crisis management plan to help communicate with people when they are on the go. Whether your crisis involves the safety of students or the reputation of your school, having a plan will help you respond quickly and efficiently. 

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What Football Season Can Teach You about Emergency Notification

Super Bowl XLVI attracted as many as one million people to the Indianapolis area last February. Finding a way to communicate with all those people in the event of an emergency and monitor for dangerous situations could have been an astronomical, even impossible feat ten years ago. But due to the modern phenomenon of social media, the Indianapolis city and public-safety agencies were able to make it a seamless and effective process.  

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University of Florida Uses InformaCast to Reach Students through Multiple Platforms

When two men with a gun were spotted on the University of Florida (UF) campus recently, it was InformaCast’s multi-platform functionality that allowed the school to notify students quickly and effectively.

School officials used the InformaCast system, which has been in place at UF for a year, to send notifications instantly to students via text message, and Twitter. This helped them reach as many people as possible.

“Some people might not get a text message, but they get the tweet,” said Bruce Floyd, UF social media specialist.

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Topics: campus emergency, Hi-Ed, campus safety, Emergency Notification, Twitter

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