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Manufacturers Share InformaCast Best Practices for Facilities

Keeping Manufacturing Employees Safe

InformaCast offers numerous features to help manufacturing facilities keep employees safe during emergency situations. At Singlewire, we strive to educate our customers on best practices and share practical use cases from customers using InformaCast in innovative ways.

Our most recent user’s group meeting featured two manufacturing customers sharing the successes they’ve experienced implementing InformaCast for mass notification in their facilities.

Not using InformaCast? Learn how to take advantage of it in your facility.

Reduce Severe Weather Risks

Both panelists stressed the importance of taking the time to set up InformaCast to easily trigger notifications for any scenario should a situation arise. In one organization, our panelist uses InformaCast to alert employees for nearby lightning strikes. Due to the materials used in their manufacturing, if lightning is in the area, production needs to shut down until it passes. Using the InformaCast email plug-in, the organization created filters for incoming emails that mention lightning which are then sent to an email address associated with InformaCast. When certain subject lines are recognized, InformaCast automatically triggers a notification that is sent to Cisco and analog phones.

Cisco phones receive a custom text message and audio. Analog phones are connected through the legacy paging interface and only receive an audio message. However, in noisy areas, those phones are also connected to visual strobes that begin to flash when the phone rings so employees know someone is trying to reach them. Certain messages are also designated to particular groups, such as maintenance and safety, to provide proper context and instruction for what to do during the situation.

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InformaCast Users Share Best Practices for Higher Education

Overcome Notification Challenges

On a college or university campus, it can be difficult to reach everyone during an emergency. Disparate systems, complicated procedures and the sheer volume of people and devices that need to be reached can make it challenging for your message to quickly reach the intended audience. 

InformaCast simplifies the mass notification process to reach everyone, wherever they are, during a crisis, and our customers tell us they benefit most from hearing about how others use InformaCast in their institutions. Three longstanding higher education customers recently shared their expertise to outline best practices and innovative solutions for using InformaCast to notify a campus population.

Learn more about using InformaCast in Higher Ed

Reaching Everyone, Everywhere

Our panelists work at institutions in the U.S. and Canada and manage emergency notifications for campus populations large, small and in-between. They work with various IT and security groups on their campuses to bring together communications systems that maximize the reach of the notifications they are sending out through InformaCast.

Throughout their campuses, our panelists use IP speakers inside and outside of buildings, Cisco IP phones, desktops, digital signage and mobile devices to send audio and text notifications. This was particularly important on a campus that had a large population of part- and short-time students who were less familiar with campus buildings and procedures.

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