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NEWS: InformaCast Mobile Adds Location-Based Emergency Notifications

Select GPS-based areas of interest and boundary triggers

Singlewire Software, a leading mass notification service provider, releases location-based emergency notifications for InformaCast Mobile. The mobile app and web interface will now offer users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

“InformaCast Mobile continues to provide users with the latest innovations for emergency notification,” said Tim Green, vice president of software development for Singlewire Software. “These new features provide our users with a greater ability to monitor and share critical information.”

InformaCast Mobile users can select up to three static addresses. If an alert is sent to an area of interest that encompasses one or more of those addresses, the user will receive the alert.

Boundary triggers send notifications to users who have entered or left a particular area. In addition, InformaCast Mobile can send messages to anyone using the app within that area.

Learn how to use these new features in your industry

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Use Location-Based Notifications in InformaCast Mobile

Latest Update Offers New Location-Based Features

The latest update for InformaCast Mobile includes location-based emergency notifications for InformaCast Mobile. The mobile app and web interface will now offer users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

InformaCast Mobile users can select up to three static addresses. If an alert is sent to an area of interest that encompasses one or more of those addresses, the user will receive the alert.

Boundary triggers send notifications to users who have entered or left a particular area. In addition, InformaCast Mobile can send messages to anyone using the app within that area.

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Selecting a Mass Notification System for Government Buildings

Notify Everyone of Potential Threats

Government buildings deal with a unique set of challenges when handling threats. They need to be able to communicate the situation to everyone quickly and provide instructions for how the situation is being managed.

If a building comes under threat, it’s important to have a communication system that can reach everyone throughout the building on a variety of devices. Make sure your system can send text and audio messages to a variety of devices to ensure complete reach. Mass notification systems can be used for:

  • Intruder alerts and lockdown
  • Evacuation
  • Severe weather
  • 911 calls

It’s also important to look for systems that can bring people together, quickly to collaborate on how to manage the situation. Systems that trigger conference calls with high-level personnel help ensure a speedy response.

Assess your notification capabilities

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Utilize the Tools to Reach Everyone in Your School

Making the Difference in K-12

As schools let out for the summer, planning is already underway for next year. Part of that planning should include a review of your mass notification system. Schools needs to assess their capabilities for reaching everyone during an emergency. Pat Scheckel, senior vice president of marketing at Singlewire Software, recently contributed an article to the K-12 outlet, EdTech Digest outlining how an easy-to-use notification system is a critical component for K-12 school communications. 

The following story was originally published on June 21, 2016 by EdTech Digest.

During a school emergency, time is crucial. Whether its an injury, intruder or active shooter, notifying personnel of the situation in a timely manner to start responding and managing the crisis can make all the difference. But, it’s not just about having the proper procedures in place, it’s about having the tools to reach everyone, wherever they are in a building or campus. To help with this challenge, many schools are implementing emergency notification systems are to bring together disparate systems and notify everyone. However, with rapidly changing technologies, it can be difficult to know which solution will be the best fit for your school.

Schools should look for systems that are easy to use, offer multiple message options for notifications, alerts to help manage almost any scenario, and new technology that leverages investments in existing systems.

Learn more about mass notifications for schools

Easy to Use

In an emergency situation, asking for help should be as easy as a push of a button. Whether that’s a discreet panic button, a built-in feature on a desk phone or the swipe of a smartphone, the last thing you want is for people to worry about remembering a complex set of steps to trigger a notification. It’s also important to utilize a system that can send to multiple communication methods with a single push. Systems that offer the ability to build groups make it easy to notify everyone on multiple devices without the need to draft and send separate messages.

Multiple Message Types

When sending a message, it’s important to be able to provide the appropriate amount of context. Look for a system that lets you send text, audio, and images to give your staff the information they need to manage the situation. SMS, push notifications, email, desktop notifications and text to speech functionalities help ensure messages reach everyone, wherever they are.

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Singlewire Releases InformaCast 11.5.1 Update

New Features Improve User Experience

In a continuing effort to provide users with the best solution for emergency notification, Singlewire has released the 11.5.1 update for the InformaCast platform. The update offers a number of new performance, security and management features, and provides expanded support options.

Ease of Management

  • Two new administrator roles make it easier to edit groups and IP speaker volumes.
  • Call detail records collection for every SIP call. 
  • Improved logging for the SIP stack, including the message body of SIP requests and headers that were already being monitored.
  • CTI connection information now available on the Overview, Call Aware Diagnostics, Night Bell, Park and Page plugins and Conference Call plugin status pages.
  • An improved “Clear Devices” command that includes the ability to remove displayed broadcast windows from computers running the InformaCast Desktop Notifier.
  • Configurable multicast address range
  • An “ALARM” label that denotes important LPI and “Park and Page” plugin log events for easy searching of important errors.
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Making the Most of Cisco Live 2016

Learn from the Best and Brightest

This year’s Cisco Live is delivering education and inspiration for technology innovators worldwide. The event, taking place July 10-14 in Las Vegas, brings together industry leaders to share their expertise and ingenuity through sessions, speakers, networking and the exhibit hall.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from this year’s speakers, including Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, futurist Jason Silva and Frank Underwood himself, Kevin Spacey, who is the special guest keynote. Educational sessions offer something for everyone regardless of their background or interest area. Certifications, labs and seminars offer plenty of opportunities to learn from the best and take home new ideas to implement in your business.

Network with Peers

Beyond the sessions and speaker, don’t miss the chance to mingle with other Cisco users through a multitude of networking events. Connect with attendees before the show by tweeting using #CLUS. Cisco is running a number of social media contests you can take advantage of to win great prizes.

Nightly receptions give you the opportunity to kick back and relax with other attendees and share the cools ways you are using Cisco solutions.

And if all else fails, you can always make new friends over a shared love of this year’s customer appreciation performers, Maroon 5 and Elle King.

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7 Strategies for Clear Campus Communications During a Crisis

Reduce Noise and Minimize Misinformation

A recent article from the Washington Post highlighted the challenges colleges and universities face when communicating critical information during a crisis situation. Conflicting reports from social media, news outlets, campus services and friends can lead to unnecessary confusion and fear among students and staff. Having a system in place that notifies an entire campus during an emergency can help keep everyone safe.

Here are seven tips for providing clear communications to your campus during a crisis:

  1. Utilize a Single System - When a crisis occurs, time is of the essence. Safety and security personnel don’t have time to log in and out of different systems to send multiple messages. A single system that reaches everyone helps share vital information quickly.
  1. Reach Multiple Devices – Your system should reach landline phones, mobile devices, desktops and even digital displays. Every available device that can reach your campus population should be utilized to inform them of the situation.
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InformaCast Mobile Launches Conference Call Collaboration

Bring Everyone Together

When an emergency happens in your organization, you need to bring together the right people, quickly to help manage the situation. But this can be challenging when people are scattered across a facility or campus, and cannot join with the immediacy that the event demands. The new Collaboration Group feature for InformaCast Mobile offers users the ability to trigger automatic conference calls to key personnel for instant collaboration during a crisis.

Create Groups for the Right People

Inside the updated InformaCast Mobile interface, current users will find a new option for “Collaboration Groups.” This will give users the option to initiate a conference call by sending a broadcast to designated distribution lists and individual users.

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InformaCast Desktop Notifier - Spring 2016 Update

New Enhancements to Broaden Your Notification Reach

Sending emergency notification to computer desktops is an important communications channel for any organization. If a threat presents itself, displaying a broadcast alert from InformaCast directly onto the desktop work screen is an effective way to immediately get attention and provide important information. 

We’ve recently released an upgrade to InformaCast Desktop Notifier, making it easier for staff to deploy it into more environments, including Citrix. You now have greater flexibility in customizing the color and logo of the alert templates, giving your broadcasts more immediate recognition by employees.

If you need to show video feeds from security cameras or provide additional information on a broadcast, you can now include links without having to write html code.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Colorized text 
  • Enhanced color options for backgrounds and fonts 
  • Automatic link recognition - eliminating the need for writing html code 
  • Options for deploying via Citrix

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InformaCast 11.0.5 Engineering Overview + Podcast

With each new release of InformaCast, we sit down with Singlewire CTO, Jerry Steinhauer, to learn the details of what's new. You can download and listen to the podcast or read and learn more below. 

Click to Download InformaCast version 11.0.X


So what I'd like to talk to you guys today about is InformaCast 11.0.5.

11.0.5 for us is a service release. And we do recommend that all customers currently on maintenance upgrade to it. If you're a customer running InformaCast cast 9.1.1 or higher, you can upgrade directly.

If you're running an older release, please see our download page on for more detailed information and how to upgrade.

Security Improvements

So I'd like to talk a little bit about what's important in this release. Let's start with security. One thing that some customers will notice is that we force changing of default passwords in this release.

As you may know, when you install and InformaCast, the default password was change me. We've always recommended that customers change their passwords. But we've never forced them to do it as part of installation or part of upgrade.

As of 11.0.5, when you install InformaCast for the very first time, or if you upgrade from a previous release, we do a check to see if you're using one of the default passwords. And if you are, we stop the boot process until it's changed. The reason we do this is because if you consult security literature, it's well understood that default passwords are one of the leading causes of system compromise. And we recognize that our customers depend on InformaCast. And we do our best to keep it stable and keep it secure. We recognize that customers trust our products. And we do our best to keep that trust. And this is one step along that path.

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